Controversies Galore

Posted on: July 26, 2011

The best thing about blogging is a blogger can choose what he wants to blog about and start blogging about it. This is my 13th post on this blog. Now as it happens with the much dreaded number 13, I am slightly nervous. I plan to get over my nervousness as soon as possible by posting the 13th post.

It has been a terrific Tuesday. So much seems to have happened in a span of 24 hours. To begin with India lost the first test match against England at the Lord’s. The hearts of the Indian fans are broken.

Back home politicians are doing all they can to remain in the news. In down south Karnataka CM refuses to quit over his alleged involvement in the illegal mining scams as stubbornly as ever. He wants the PM to resign first. And to add fuel to the fire he wants the Noble Prize for stopping the illegal mining in the state. People no longer seem amused at all. They are slowly getting used to their politicians suffering from mental disorders like dementia and a full blown manic episode like this. However what is surprising is the acute onsets of all these mental disorders. They are perfectly normal human beings when the going is good. At the initial signs of some serious issue with a potential to damage their political career, these mental disorders find their manifestations almost without any warnings. The recent episode of this feeling of grandiosity shows that public perception doesn’t matter any more. What beliefs I hold about myself are true and nobody has the right to challenge them, not even the public thanks to whose mandate I am ruling.

Somewhere up in north Jairam Ramesh is again in the news for all the wrong reasons. This time he has ruffled feathers by wiping his shoe with a spun garland presented to him in a function. I think he had forgotten to carry a cheap cotton handkerchief that he normally carries for wiping shoes. He thought nobody was looking when he committed that unpardonable sin of wiping the dirt off shoe with something presented to him in his own honour. How could he be so absent-minded? Maybe he was busy thinking about Hina Rabbani Khar’s visit to India and how to impress this beauty with the brains. Poor minister failed to leave any impression on Hillary Clinton when she came visiting recently. And now he seems determined to make up for all that this time with Hina’s visit.

Politicians and controversies go hand in hand. Politicians want to stay in the news. Maybe because nowadays controversies are easy to create, to manipulate and to twist around to manufacture a favourable public opinion or to influence a negative public opinion. Let’s see how far this fad goes and where it stops. Like all good things, this too will come to an end some day.


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