Suresh Kalmadi and Dementia

Posted on: July 25, 2011

So today we come to know that Suresh Kalmadi who robbed the country in broad daylight is suffering from dementia. Sometimes we accidentally hear about our politicians suffering from cardiac conditions, diabetes and some or other hypertensive disorders. Their health conditions are their best kept secrets. Nobody likes to talk about them even in the hushed tones. But then how come Suresh Kalmadi’s current mental condition is out in the open? Well, he has been lodged in the Tihar Jail and considered to be a political liability. Therefore, it’s befitting that he starts suffering from dementia so that the investigation into the CWG scam can hit a roadblock. It looks like a smart lie to hoodwink the public. But going by the initial reactions of the intelligentsia nobody is buying this line about Suresh Kalmadi suffering from dementia. How come this acute onset of dementia is the question on every lip.


Now what is dementia? Dementia is defined as memory loss with at least one or other impaired area of cognition, such as language ability, orientation; attention and concentration and activities of daily living. Now come to think of ¬†this. How many political leaders would love Suresh Kalmadi to lose his memory and suffer from cognitive impairment especially the language ability? It is all very convenient. The whole CWG scam is a history now. Public memory too will grow demented with this news of Suresh Kalmadi suffering from dementia. It’s a real political masterstroke. If this ploy is successful, we will hear about so many politicians or their sidekicks accused of swindling public money or some other wrongdoings having the acute onset of dementia. As a result of which they cannot recall who they are and what crimes they have committed. The courts will have no option but to let them go scot-free on the medical grounds.


The Karnataka CM B S Yeddyurappa currently under the heavy weather for his alleged involvement in the mining scams must have got some innovative ideas after hearing the news of Kalmadi’s dementia. If proven guilty, he wouldn’t mind suffering from dementia. Until the Lokayukta report comes out, he will be praying for the Lokayukta to suffer from dementia. That will solve all his problems and save his chair of CM too.


The PM Manmohan Singh too keeps coming under increasing media and public scrutiny over his silence on many grave issues. He too would love it if all of a sudden the whole country were to lapse into the bouts of dementia. Nobody will question him if that happens. He will continue to rule over his countrymen as silently as he wishes then.


Dementia seems to be the next flavour of the season. Heart-attacks, hyper tensions, diabetes and strokes have been ruling the roost for quite some time now. But dementia is an in-thing. There are certain memories we all wish to erase once and for all. The difference will be the dementia sufferers would want those asking them questions to lose all their memories rather than they losing theirs so that they can live happily ever after……..

2 Responses to "Suresh Kalmadi and Dementia"

Kalmadi will win a GOLD MEDAL for this stroke.

@ Anil Seth You are the first reader to leave a comment on my blog. All I can say is thanks a lot.

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