Misguided Youths

Posted on: July 24, 2011

Ever since I’ve read papers this morning, two news items are refusing to leave me alone. They have made me extremely sad and put me into a reflective mood on an otherwise peaceful Sunday. Both the events have taken place in the faraway continent of Europe. Thanks to the internet the news has travelled with a lightening speed spreading the shock waves across the globe.


The first sad news is that of Grammy winner Amy Winehouse found dead in her London home. She was only 27. She was considered to be an iconic singer who had issues with the drug abuse and alcohol. She was obviously too young to die. The news of her death has spread shock waves across the entertainment industry leading to the speculations that either a drug overdose killed her or she committed suicide. The cause of death is not known yet. The investigation is on. Her death raises several questions. Why do young successful famous figures take this self-destructive path? Why do they get hooked on to the drugs? Why are they unable to cope up with fame and wealth especially if they happen to earn them at a young age? Along with success, the feeling of insecurity too rises. There is a lot of jealousy in the world. So many big egos to be massaged. Not many people can handle all the responsibilities that come along with success and world wide popularity. Moreover, the feeling of loneliness too increases leading these vulnerable celebrities into acute depression and then if the depression goes unchecked or untreated, it culminates into a potential suicide shocking the whole world. May Amy Winehouse rest in peace.


The second sad news is that of a mystery killer Anders Behring Breivik from Oslo, Norway. A handsome looking Anders decides to take law into his hands by first setting off a bomb blast, and then gunning down innocent young campers in Utoya mindlessly sending the world into a tizzy. Initially, some Islamic terror outfits were the suspects for the bomb blast. But soon the authorities were successful in taking this young homegrown killer into the custody much to the relief of the Muslims across the world. Anders is a businessman who lives with his mother in a wealthy suburb. What made him turn a killer? What was he thinking when he unleashed this mayhem on such a massive scale? Was he alone or were there some accomplices? How could he pull off such a bloody act on his own? After all, has the man any conscience?  What were his motives and above all what did he want to prove by shedding the blood of so many innocent victims?


We all struggle with the question of basic identities. We all long to gain the worldwide popularity some day. If we are not as famous as we long to be, the life feels like a burden. As a result, out of sheer desperation to become famous sometimes we tend to turn to the acts of mindless violence. But we forget that people are likely to remember those who killed innocents without any apparent reasons as terrorists or lunatics. History too judges them harshly. Again it’s a matter of choice as to how we would like the world to remember us. Sadly speaking educated and rich law-breakers like Anders Behring Breivik forgot some important lessons and chose to shed the bloods of innocents in their desperate bid to gain the worldwide fame.



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