Idea 3G

Posted on: July 24, 2011

The television has come to dominate our lives like no other electronic medium before with the sole exception of the mobile phones. We love to watch television round the clock. We plan our daily routines keeping our favourite programmes on television in mind. Watching television is a family affair in the Indian households. Therefore, serials or programmes showing family feuds or families living together amicably are a big hit. To broadcast any social message or to educate our countrymen on any important issue television plays an important role as television has penetrated deep into the remotest interiors of our vast country.

Nowadays 3G is an in thing. All the major cellular service providers are showing advertisements on television to promote the 3G facility. There is nothing wrong in it. Consumers have to be told and informed whenever there is any new product or service in the market place. But the manner in which it is done is also important. For example, Idea’s 3G advertisement featuring Abhishek Bachchan leaves a lot to be desired. It is in a really a bad taste for a country like ours.

The 3G Advertisement of Idea suggests that country’s population is ever exploding because of frequent unscheduled power cuts. How? Thanks to these power-cuts young couples go to bed early in the night and indulge in coitus that leaves the wives pregnant and babies get born. The solution to this national issue lies in going for the Idea 3G which will enable the consumers to watch television programmes on their mobile phones without worrying about the power cuts. Since everybody is busy watching the television on the mobile phones, couples will spend less time together in bed and the population will come under control in a few years from now.

Now what’s wrong in this advertisement? It appears patriotic in nature. Well, the advertisement is shown in the day time on all the prime channels when parents and young children are watching the television together. It leaves the parents embarrassed. They don’t feel comfortable watching this advertisement with their kids around. They don’t know what they are going to answer if the kids ask them any undesirable questions after watching this advertisement.

In the recent past, an advertisement featuring the Indian Cricket captain M S Dhoni was taken off air because it ran into legal trouble for allegedly making fun of M S Dhoni’s team mate Harbhajan Singh. Maybe the time has come to take off Idea’s controversial 3G advertisement too off air. The most shocking part in the advertisement is when Abhishek Bachchan gets a question about his wife’s pregnancy, he replies with a straight face that that was before 3G.

How can someone as cultured as Mr. Amitabh Bachchan allow his son to do such a vulgar advertisement? Didn’t Aishwarya Rai Bachchan object to that line? Why have the morals sunk so low that well-known celebs are getting manipulated into such cheap gimmicks? Can’t Idea think tank think of any better and cleaner strategy to launch the 3G facility?


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