Rahul “The Wall” Dravid

Posted on: July 23, 2011

Now we all know why Rahul Dravid is the wall. First test between the world champions India and England at the Lord’s is underway. Today is the day three. India were batting. All eyes were on Sachin Tendulkar to score his 100th ton. But as it sometimes happens, Sachin Tendulkar disappointed his fans.


Rahul Dravid rose to the occasion and he bailed out his team yet another time in style by scoring an unbeaten century even as the wickets fell around him at the regular intervals. Rahul Dravid keeps proving himself time and again. The more he proves himself, the more we want him to prove himself. He is a true fighter with a never-say-die attitude. He has rarely let his country down. He forms the solid backbone of India’s middle order. He brings lots of depth to the batting line up. Imagine what the Indian score card would have liked like without Rahul Dravid’s unbeaten century?


At home or abroad he has always performed. His sound technique makes him one of the most dangerous test players. After the legendary Sunny Gavaskar, he is someone who treats batting like a game of chess. He plays the waiting game. He knows when to attack. He puts a prize on his wicket. Nobody can penetrate his defenses as he stands between him and his wicket like a strong wall.


Coming back to this ongoing game between Indian and England, at home England are the toughest side to beat. India will have to play out of their skin to score a win to go one up in the series. Whether Sachin Tendulkar’s most talked about 100th century comes through in the second innings or no remains to be seen. At the time of writing this, England seem to have an upper hand. All said and done, Rahul Dravid’s this unbeaten century will rank as one of the best centuries in the times to come. This century has proven that with age he has got only  better and still many years of cricket are left in him.


He has done a lot for the country. The heart bleeds for this true gentleman of the game who too should have been a part of the Team India that won the World Cup of 2011. Sometimes destiny plays cruel jokes on those who are determined to change it by a dent of sheer hard work. Perhaps Rahul Dravid is one of them.

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