A Cynical Overview

Posted on: July 22, 2011

If one opens the pages of the newspapers or surf the news channels, only cynicism stares him in the face. The whole nation is expecting Sachin Tendulkar to score the 100th ton in the ongoing test match against England at the Lord’s. The man has done enough for the country. He has been entertaining millions of his fans for nearly two decades now. Is it fair on our part to have such lofty expectations from the man? Let his 100th ton come. Why to create so much hype around it and put the man under undue stress?

In down south, film stars namely Mammootty and Mohanlal are receiving visits form the IT officials. Whenever the IT officials pay a visit to the residences of film starts, everybody loves to gossip about it. Why? What’s so funny about it? They are rolling in millions and if the IT Department comes knocking at their doors to bring them up to date about some recent law pertaining to the taxes, what’s wrong? Why can’t they do their job silently?

M S Dhoni acts in an advertisement only to find himself embroiled in a controversy. The advertisement in question has spoofed one of his current team mates Harbhajan Singh who has taken umbrage at the advertisement and has sued the company demanding the advertisement be taken off air immediately. The good news is Harbhajan Singh wins the battle. The liquor baron Vijay Mallaya agrees to withdraw the controversial advertisement. Sanity prevails in the end. Strange are the ways of world. Without controversy nothing sells. Even the well-known companies and the established brands too have to resort to childish pranks to paddle their brands.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan has been ruling the film industry for past four decades now. But he too has to hard sell his each and every film. The competition is so cut-throat and the stakes are so high that even such a larger than life  superstar like him is not indispensable. He has to go to almost all the reality TV shows to promote his upcoming films. The participants in the shows and the judges are happy to have him among them. But is the superstar happy doing this? Sometimes it clearly shows on his face through the expressions that he would rather be elsewhere. He misses those good old days when the cinema was larger than life and so much of hard-sell was not the order of the day prior to any new releases. Maybe in those days his name was enough to draw the crowd to cinema halls. Now the reality is different. Times are changing. Who remembers D K Bose now? Hadn’t the number taken the nation by storm till the last Friday? All this appears a distant history now.

So much is happening. Ministers are busy recommending the compulsory study of the holy books like Gita at school level. Those who oppose such a recommendation can go to other country is what the minister has to offer by way of explanation. Everyday new stories of corruption involving the Chief Ministers and his cabinet colleagues keep tumbling out of the closets. We are yet to recover from the aftershocks of Mumbai blasts that shook the nation on 13th of this month. This evening the news of Oslo blasts trickles in. Where are we headed? Are we hell-bent upon destroying the world we live in? Let the sanity prevail. That’s all we can pray for in these troubled times.

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