What Is A Dream?

Posted on: July 19, 2011

Well, we all see dreams, don’t we? Some people claim that they never see dreams. It is not true. They too see dreams but by the time they wake up, they have forgotten their dreams. What is a dream? Why do we dream? Do animals too dream as well?  Well, I don’t know about animals but we, human beings, dream for sure.


A dream is an unfulfilled desire that finds its manifestation while the mind is half asleep which we see as a dream. We have many desires. Obviously all of which don’t get fulfilled during the entire life span. Moreover, new desires keep getting added up. In other words, a living human being is never short of desires.


The mind is the most powerful asset a living being has. The mind can do many things. It can travel and conjure up the types of images we love to see. We call this imagination. While we are asleep, the mind is awake. It travels and brings those images alive that we see with our eyes closed. That’s the beauty of dreams. Dreams can make us feel immensely happy as long as they last. However, nightmares can cause severe mental disturbance.


Many people try to decode the dreams. There’s a belief that dreams carry hidden messages. If you are successful in decoding those messages, the life can make sense to some extent. There may be some iota of truth in this belief. However, I personally don’t see dreams as the carriers of any hidden messages. I love to dream and wish I had more control over my dreams. I wish we could give specific instructions to our mind about the types of people we would like to hang out with, the types of food we would like to eat, the types of images we would like to see, the types of places we would like to go and so on and so forth, of course, in our dreams.


If such a command ever comes into existence, nobody would like to get up and go for work. People would love to sleep round the clock. God is also smarter than we think. He has kept the secret of why we dream hidden. May we dream longer!


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