Posted on: July 18, 2011

When I launched this blog on 13th of this month, the original idea was to write something on a daily basis. I am a compulsive writer. I love to write down my thoughts. To me writing is therapeutic. After writing my heart out, I feel relaxed and the life feels worth living all over again.


Sadly, the response to this blog has been so lukewarm that I’ve lost the motivation to write. But I want to write for myself. How does it matter whether people are interested in reading my blog or no? My job is to write, write and write. I must go on writing. One day will come when the blog gets into limelight. The readership will go up. I have to wait and watch for that day. No point in growing impatient.


So what do I want to write about? Well, my last post was about the importance of twitter. I think I still have something to say on the subject. I have been following some so-called intellectuals, struggling film stars and starlets on the twitter platform. Their tweets make me wonder about their capacity to think and express themselves. They come across so dumb and senseless that I cannot help laughing.


To give a few examples, there is this controversial writer Taslima Nasreen who loves to take up issues concerning women. What does she do? Is she running some NGO for the welfare of women? Is she giving protection to the suppressed and those in need of shelter? Is she a part of some organization that fights for women’s rights and interests? The answers to all the above mentioned questions are no, no and no. All she does is  she abuses men on twitter, urges women to do the same and so much so that she doesn’t even spare God. Maybe she thinks God is a male and He equally deserves her contempt like the men on earth. Now what is wrong in doing what she has been doing? She comes across as a hypocrite. She is not a doer. She is just a coward ranter. I seriously worry about her mental health after going through her tweets. So much of hatred and bitterness may take their heavy toll on her health some day.


If there were ever a title called the comedian of twitter, it would certainly go to Kamaal R Khan. He is the ultimate buffoon on twitter. He keeps coming out with all sorts of funny tweets at regular intervals. There is never any dull moment when he is on the timeline. He suffers from megalomania. He considers himself to be the ultimate superstar of Hindi Film Industry. He wants to bash up the bad guys, romance the girls and do good for the society on screen. Since he is unable to get any roles, he is doing all these on twitter. The result is pure and unadulterated comedy. All his followers have a hearty laugh at his expense. But he is very clever. The moment he feels that any of his followers is crossing the limit, he blocks him and declares so proudly on twitter. But he is unusually kind to his female followers.


There are writers promoting their books, satirists poking fun at Hindi Film actors, actors and directors promoting films, trashing rivals’ films and promoting the films of those belonging to the same camps, journalist promoting their columns or the shows on TV, spiritual gurus claiming to provide the world with a healing touch on twitter. There are times when twitter resembles a huge shopping mall with all things under the sun available. The trick lies in the art of shouting loudly. The currency is the network. Undoubtedly twitter is one of the greatest platforms to gain popularity. Ends matter, means don’t if they are able to justify the ends. That’s twitter for you.



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