The Importance of twitter

Posted on: July 16, 2011

Twitter – the micro blogging site – is really worth falling in love with. I’ve been immensely enjoying the experience myself for past few days or so. The main advantage of twitter is you can tweet about anything within 140 characters. It’s a fantastic platform to advertise or promote anything.


Celebrities, well-known journalists, politicians, cricketers, business tycoons, satirists, so and so forth are jumping on the bandwagon called twitter. Some are able to use the medium smartly to their advantage whereas others are making a real fool of themselves. They are acting like a clown inviting lots of ridicule and mockery from their followers.


I think tweeting gets addictive over a period of time. The user of twitter gets tempted to tweet about each and everything he gets up to. This can sometimes boomerang as we know the world is full of cruel people who don’t like to be reminded about your existence after every five minutes. The feature that I like the most about twitter is the list of trending topics with a hashtag it shows on the screen. You can know what is trending where. It’s really amazing. You want to know what is trending in Australia, go to that country and the list of trending topics pop up. Whoever thought of this idea is a real gem of a techie.


twitter has clearly proven one thing and that is we, human beings, are social animals. We like to network, gossip, poke fun at others, want to know what’s going on and why, and above all we love to show off. For all the above mentioned things, can there be a better place than twitter?


Sign up on twitter. Have fun. Stay updated on what’s going on as the breaking news first takes place on twitter and not on the television screens.




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