Who Am I?

Posted on: July 14, 2011

Friends, you might be wondering who I am. Why did I launch this blog aptly titled Dream? Well, I am a dreamer and my biggest dream is to entertain people. I love to help people forget their tensions and worries. To achieve this dream, I am going to write about lots of things on this blog. I love satire. My posts will be full of satire and humour. I love to tickle people’s funny bones. I love to get under people’s skin and provoke them into thinking about things they would not have considered otherwise important.

I am going to write about lots of thins such as, books, writers, films, politics, current affairs and issues concerning the common man of India. I am going to pour my heart into the making of this blog. I am not a celebrity. But I intend to achieve the status of a celebrity by popularizing this blog.

There are so many bloggers and blogs out there. What is this one more blog going to do? Well, I can understand these questions racing across  your minds. In our country, everybody wants to become a popular writer nowadays. This is the latest trend. Well, I am not an wanna be writer. I write because I feel that I have a knack of writing things, describing events as they happen and tell stories to entertain people. Simple. No ambitions involved. I just want to write from the bottom of my heart and entertain my readers. I am not going to force anyone to read my blog. I am going to take it very easy. This blog is for me. It’s a sacred place where I am going to express my thoughts and experiences. This blog means a lot to me. It’s deeply personal as well.

Enough said. Now let me come to the point again. My blog is going to be different in the sense that I am here to entertain my readers. I want my readers to relax and think good thoughts. I will be honest in whatever I write. I don’t want to score any brownie points or get into anybody’s good books to get any favours. I am a simple dreamer. I just want to continue to dream that my readers are loving this blog and my each and every post is eagerly awaited. I have an important and responsible task at hand. For which I am accountable, responsible and answerable to my readers.

I want to give full power to my readers.

Now relax. Enjoy this journey with me. I promise to make it as interesting, as satirical, as humorous and as funny as possible.


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