Mumbai Blasts

Posted on: July 13, 2011

For quite some time I have been planning to launch my blog. I had chosen today’s day, i.e. 13th of July 2011, to launch it. For past two days I have been selecting the name and the themes for my blog. I had kept the first post to go live ready and had saved it in draft. Sadly, I had never imagined that I wouldn’t be using the post I saved  in the draft. Instead something terrible would happen to numb all my senses forcing me to write about it as the maiden post on this newly born blog.

I don’t know where to begin. It has not happened for the first time. In fact, what has happened in our beloved city of Mumbai this evening has been happening at regular intervals for past many years. Yes, Mumbai is once again the target of the terrorist. The three blasts have gone off at the important and famous landmarks of this city. People of this country in general and the Mumbaikars in particular are angry and have been demanding explanation from the powers that be ever since the blasts have ripped apart the lives of many innocent people across these carefully chosen locations. The government has called the blasts an act of terrorism. New Delhi has been put on a high alert. There is a palpable feeling of deja vu all around.

Almost every face is wearing a depressed look. What next is the question in every lip that one comes across. How long do we have to suffer? What’s the solution to this chronic problem? The city that is a home to the world class cricketer and national icons like Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan is subjected to the terror acts time and again. The city that is hailed as the commerce capital of India gets into the news for all the wrong reasons time and again. Why is the security not as tight as it should be?  How many times will the spirit of the average Mumbaikar get severely tested? How many more blows can this commercial capital of our country take?

People of this extraordinary city are real heroes. They have been offering generous help to the victims and the stranded daily commuters on social networking cites like twitter. All the well-known citizens of Mumbai are requesting the panicked citizenry to maintain calm. Once again the collective resilience of average Mumbaikars is in sharp focus with the world media covering these blasts.

But how many more times a few faceless terrorists will hold the city to ransom by such well-planned acts of terror? How many more innocent people are destined to lose their lives before the guilty are exposed and brought to book? The sooner the Mumbaikars get the answers, the better as they are the sufferers and it is high time they get the assurance of safety rather than the hollow promises.

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